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Delta Trading and it's previous company have been doing business in the Far East of Russia in Primorsky Krai since 1992. We have had much experience doing business with an office in the port city of Nakhodka, Russia. situated at the end of the Trans Siberian Railroad. Nakhodka is situated close to one of the best temperate hardwood forests in the world. It is very close to a modem container port of Vostoschny with weekly service to Busan Korea and ports in Japan.

Our Nakhodka office is managed by Tatiana Lidinzi who is very well versed in freight and the purchasing of Russian hardwood and pine products.

Products that we specialize in are:

  • Russian White Pine used in Window and Door manufacturing.
  • Russian Yellow Birch used in flooring manufacturing
  • Russian White birch used in cabinet and furniture industry
  • Russian White Oak and Ash lumber.
  • White Oak, Yellow birch and ash Veneer logs sold on Doyle scale if requested.
  • Russian hardwood logs sold on Ghost tally for sawmills.
The Russian government is trying to encourage the manufacture of lumber for export by placing tariffs on raw logs leaving Russia. The duties are expected to raise to 80% of value by next year so the future business of Russia will be lumber and Veneer logs, which is the future focus of our company.

Russian White Birch long length

Export Russian Ash logs.

Yellow Birch, air dried lumber for export

8/4 C Select and better kiln dried S2S for export

Break Bulk shipment of Yellow Birch

Mill run Yellow Birch Lumber